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5thAugust 2007: Wow I can't believe this site is still running. Thanks to literally(!) the thousands of people that have downloaded Paranoid, I guess all that time I spent on it all those years ago didn't go to waste. Its a pity I don't think I've got a copy of the source file to make some minor alterations and remove some of the annoyances. Likewise the Paranoid 2 prototype probably no longer exists anywhere.


Oh well, maybe one day I'll remake Paranoid...

New this Update:- Fixed the links to the main index page.

28th November 2001: Long time since I've updated this site, with a bit of luck & time I will hopefully revamp it, add some new features (Not necessarily what I originally said), as well as removing some of the older more obsolete sections, but don't worry its not dead quite yet! I'd also thank the soon to be 6,000 visitors which have visited this site (Currently 5,800)mainly due to the 'sucess?' of Paranoid. You never know a sequel might be back in the making...

14th November Well Iíve eventually got my computer back at home after moving house, not pleasant I can tell you L! Paranoid hit a record 30th place at Freegames before the chart reset with over 1500 downloads plus another 900 since! Whoa!
New this Update:- Most pages with more news, a picture of Boss Mustang Iíve almost completed in GTA & other stuff.

9th October Well as Paranoid has now reached 1250 downloads Iíve decided to improve it visit the Paranoid Page for more details. The Volvoís progress is now slow, but a new range of cars is coming out for GTA!!! Made by myself, *cough* which will be fantastic ;-) so keep an eye on the GTA page.
New this update:- Not much really just a few alterations revamping news & generally not doing much because of college work.

15th September I would like to apologise for lack of updates, blah de blah, as I believed no one was visiting this site, but this isnít apparently so as in the last week I have had 105 visitors visiting the Paranoid Page hurrah! Now I know people are actually visiting this site I will make more add-ons. New this update:- A screen shot of the Volvo 740 & a few general mods to the site. Iím considering getting rid of the ĎBest Everí section as their seems little interest in it, if you like it or agree it should go please voice your opinion to me.

12th September Well after finishing my GCSEís Iíve now spent the last 2 days at College. This is likely to slow me down in the future but now the intial concern is over I can start making games & add-ons again. The Volvo is going to be worked on again, please bear with me it is my first car for C2! Not many people seem to visit this site as itís only got approximately 1 link in the entire world! But once I get more visitors Iíd be more inspired or send me an e-mail with the new button.

Feel free to me


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