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I’ve gone a bit retro this week searching the Internet for a long lost game that I used to own. Believing it was called ‘Hot Rod’ I searched for hours, until I eventually found it, I then realized it was infact named ‘Street Rod’. But it has paid off as I have downloaded some of my favorite ‘car-related’ games of all time. These include Street Rod 1&2, APB, Detroit & Crazy Cars 3. As I believe although Street Rod is old, it is still a fantastic game, even if it is from 1989 with old-fashioned 2D/3D graphics the detail and car maintenance & customization is still way ahead of Gran Turismo.
The Street Rod games shown below are available for download along with many other old abandoned games at:

Above: Before & After

Above: Take apart engines bolt by bolt            Above: Challenge racers for pink slips in Street Rod 1&2
These games run up to VGA & with PC Speaker & Ablib for sequel. Note:- The first game is actually better as although the sequel has more features the game itself is too difficult & becomes frustrating due to the tracks.

Visit Gaming Depot at: http://www.gamingdepot.com/  to find Street Rod & many more old games or if they aren’t PC games your looking for visit http://www.emusanet.com for Roms & Emulators for other systems that you can get to work on your PC.
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