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Released: 2000 Developed Using: The Games Factory
Latest Version: 1.1 Created By: Andrew Taylor

Paranoid is an Arkanoid/Breakout style game where the object of the game is to destroy all the hexagonal blocks on screen to advance to the next challenging level.

And Paranoid really is challenging and very unforgiving but despite this I still enjoy giving it the odd blast every so often. My highest score is probably about 5500 or so on the highscores (the game penalises you 1000 points for not finishing the game! Harsh I know...).

The first version of Paranoid was actually a spoof of a friends 'noid game but later turned into one of the only games I ever actually finished using the Games Factory. The reason being I was forever starting new projects!

If you wish to quit mid game press Alt-F4, otherwise just let the ball drop off the screen until you lose.

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